I‘m sorry that this is about to go down

Nay, it is I who should be sorry for inviting such a plague upon this studio with my brilliance that you admired in the first place

Try to remember that T is the next part of INTER-DIMENSIONAL FRYVAULT GRAB

Erasing all of the badness and getting back some goodness in our lives

Rage, rage against this inter-dimensional menace who is attempting to kill us

Domo arigato, Mr Roboto

I‘m sorry once again for doing all this

May I say, I think we should do something about this murderous inter-dimensional traveller

Every good boy loves and deserves fudge

Never let this happen again if you ever go back in time

Sss sss, I’m a sssnake, reminding you that the time is now to prevent your ssselves from being ssstabbed

It’s been

Oh boy, it’s been

N: the letter N

Ayyy, Fonzie came back again

Let’s just kill this fucker before he does anything

Finally, it is the time to grab this inter-dimensional scoundrel and ring his neck unto death

Really, we should grab this scoundrel and we should do it now

Yo yo yo, what’s up, son?

Victory shall be ours once this inter-dimensional person has been dealt with and we can carry on with our lives the way God intended

Ayyy, Fonzie came back one last time

Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid

La la la la la la let’s grab that inter-dimensional scoundrel

Tendencies, we all have them, and ours is to grab this inter-dimensional Fryvault

Gosh, we’ve been doing this for a while, we gotta get an easier way

Rrrrrrrr, ding ding ding

Ayyy, Fonzie came back



(via earwolf)